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Are you planning a road trip slot machine game, slotoff.com, to the Mississippi Delta Region? If so, you might want to do some gambling. The Delta Region is loaded with casinos, but how do you know which one is best. This is hard because some gambling casinos cater to the high rollers, and some casinos cater to those gambling on a budget, so if you are a low-roller, one that gambles on a budget, then try Gold Strike in Tunica or Isle of Capri in Lula. Here are some pointers for making your visit to these casinos the best possible visit it can be: Gold Strike Casino in Tunica, Mississippi Take cash with you.

Do not expect to use the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) when you get to this casino. Besides the fees, a big waiting line usually forms. To make matters worse, you cannot get cash directly out of the machine. You have to go through the ATM process and then take the ticket to the cage and wait another good while during the time that this casino checks your license and gets you your money. In short, the ATM process seems to act as deterrence, rather than a promoter of spending money.

So, make sure that you take all the money that you might need to spend with you. If you end up needing money, it might serve you well to drive a short way to use a bank ATM and then drive back to the casino. Sure, this process might be aggravating, but then so is standing in one line after another. Get a player card. Playing without a player's card is not wise at this casino, even if you intend to play for only a few hours because you have to have a player's card to get cash, eat, and do whatever else you need to do (except maybe go to the restroom).

Go early, though, the lines are horrendous. Too, you have to stand in another line to find out if you have earned any comps, so get ready for this after you have finished playing. Expect a crowd. Even if the casino isn't crowded with people, it's still crowded because the casino has so many machines, and these machines (and tables) are positioned so closely together that you barely have any elbow room. I guess this is the idea because you basically go in and drop a few hundred dollars and leave before you even get a drink.

The bottom line is that this casino does not offer a relaxing atmosphere. Eat before you get there. The food at this casino is supposed to be good. Even so, you might never know because, again, you will stand in a long line to get to any food. Even worse, this long line fails to move at a noticeable pace. Sure, you can complain, but you have to find someone to complain to first, and this means wading through all the people in the casino.

Save yourself some hunger pains and some aggravation and just eat some solid food before you go. Isle of Capri Casino in Lula, Mississippi Free food. Be sure to sign up for an Isle One Player Card before you start playing because you quickly rack up points for free food. These comps can be used for the all-you-can-eat buffet, or you can get it to go at Trade winds full-service snack bar. The food is good. They have specials like Crab Legs and Prime Rib on Tuesday evening, and they provide a bountiful seafood bar on Saturday night.

You can eat boiled shrimp (they devein), fried shrimp, crab legs, stuffed flounder, and many other delicious items. You can sometimes even wake up to a Mimosa on Sunday morning $29 rooms. Again, be sure to get your free Isle One Player Card before you start playing because this card will help you be able to rent rooms at $29 per room. You will also soon begin to receive coupons for free night stays, offered according to the play you register on your card. Yes, each person does need his/her own Isle One Player Card, so do not try to play on one card because you will cheat yourself out of some comps.

If you do not receive any mail offers, then call the Isle of Capri hotline and ask them to check and see what comps you have available to you. Be sure to give them your player card number. Nightly entertainment. This casino provides live entertainment, even during the week. So, if you get tired of losing your money, stop and rest awhile. Grab you a free cocktail and join in on the nightly dancing that takes place around the live bands that play at this casino. You also want to watch the Isle of Capri calendar (located on their website) for special event concerts because they frequently sell tickets to concerts of well known country music artists, and you might even get a free concert ticket, once in a while.