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The novice online casino gambler needs to learn that you'll find two kinds of roulette tables - American Roulette and European Roulette. They also must know the basic differences between the two whenever they desire to have any type of success when playing at any roulette table. An educated gambler who understands the odds of the game they can be playing stands a far better chance of winning.

The American Roulette wheel has thirty eight slots. Numbered slots run from one to thirty six plus two extra slots consisting of a zero and also a double zero.

The European Roulette wheel also consists of numbered slots from one to thirty six but only has one zero slot, bringing the total number of slots to thirty seven.

There are several different types of bets you can place upon an American and European Roulette table. Different types of bets offer different odds.

American Roulette offers a unique betting opportunity with a Top Line bet consisting of 5 numbers, and an extra number Zero slot, while European Roulette offers a wide selection of unique Call bets. The more popular version of Roulette is the European version as it provides a far better house edge number of about 2.8% compared to American Roulette house edge number of about 5.2%.

A player can place any range of mixed bets on the table, but needs to take good care that the total amount of bets placed do not exceed the winning combination possibilities. A simple example of this will be a player who places a bet on Red and an equal bet on Black. If Red comes within the player wins that specific bet but loses click through the next internet site bet placed on Black, not surprisingly the player is going nowhere fast.